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If we were to describe TWR’s long-time media partner Cross Currents International Ministries (CCIM), words like “faithful”, “kingdom-minded” and “enduring” might come to mind. As the ministry of Dr. Richard A. Bennett and his wife Dorothy, CCIM came into being officially in 1980, but the Bennetts have been involved in ministry through TWR for over 50 years.

Though they have a particular burden for the spiritual needs of Africa, the work of the Bennetts has borne fruit around the world. CCIM has brought the Word of God to international audiences through various articles and audio messages by Dr. Bennett , as well as through the popular "Dorothy’s Daily Devotionals," but their primary resources are two books authored by Dr. Bennett entitled "Your Quest for God" and "Food for Faith." "Your Quest for God" has been translated into over 60 languages. The result of CCIM’s media ministry has been a steady stream of people responding to the claims of Christ and anchoring their lives in His Word.

As media trends change around the world, CCIM has responded to help listeners connect with their life-changing content. Recently, CCIM's books have been adapted to produce evangelistic ESL (English as a second language) radio programs for Chinese-, Arabic- and Spanish-speakers. In addition, CCIM now has a robust website and has begun to offer their media content over LinguaBlast, TWR’s web-based content delivery system, to reach Internet audiences.

“Faithful”, “Kingdom-minded”, and “enduring” are indeed all terms appropriately descriptive of the ministry of Richard and Dorothy Bennett, and TWR is honored to regard the Bennetts as one of our most faithful and respected media partners.