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Do you remember Christian recording artist Bobby Michaels?  He had an incredible voice!  In the years leading up to his heart attack and death in 2009, Bobby began taking his music on the road--to 57 different countries to be exact!  Bobby was the first person that I remember who used the term "musicianary" to describe his calling.  Well, Bobby wasn't the only musicianary.  I met another missionary who ministers through music recently.  Her name is Rachelle Streeter, and she serves with Operation Mobilization in Belgium.  Over the next three days on Footsteps, we are looking at the creative ways she is using her gift of music to reach the unchurched in her community.  I hope this series causes you to start thinking creatively about how God can use you and your talents in the Great Commission.

Click here to learn more about Operation Mobilization's work in Belgium

(Photo of OM's Rachelle Streeter)