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Radio Encuentro Internacional Mexico A.C. has become the 17th organization in Latin America and the Caribbean to join TWR’s global family of national partners.

Alejandro Vieyra, the director of Radio Encuentro, signed the partnership agreement Monday, Nov. 19, 2018, in Mexico City with Steve Shantz, TWR’s vice president for Latin America and the Caribbean. It’s the second signing of a new national partner in the region this year for TWR (also known as Trans World Radio).    

“I see that Radio Encuentro shares the same vision as TWR and has persevered for many years to obtain the permission to establish radio stations in the country,” Shantz said. “Now that some of these permissions have been granted, this gives us the opportunity to combine efforts to reach many by radio with Bible teaching. I see this as a two-way partnership in which TWR can offer Spanish programming and expertise and Radio Encuentro can provide outlets from which to broadcast.”

Michael Escalante, the founder and president of Radio Encuentro, was ill and unable to attend the signing session. He had signed the documents earlier and participated in the ceremony via video conferencing.

Another Mexican media ministry, Conducidos con Propósito, also is a national partner of TWR. The Americas Region office of the worldwide TWR ministry is in Cary, North Carolina.  

Radio Encuentro, Spanish for Encounter Radio, describes its mission as broadcasting into the most remote areas of Mexico and Latin America and drawing listeners into an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. It pursues the mission by coaching groups of Christians who are interested in building radio stations in their communities, helping them form civil associations and advising them as they navigate the lengthy process of filing an application to receive a broadcast permit. Later, it assists with the acquisition of studio equipment, transmitters, engineering, towers, antennas as well as with the training of their staffs.

Among the 30 community groups that have filed for permission to begin community radio stations, the first to complete the process and go on the air is Radio Amanecer in the southern state of Chiapas. After 13 years of perseverance, Radio Amanecer received its license and began broadcasting in multiple languages to the many indigenous groups in its area.

Another group has been issued a license to set up an FM station in the state of Veracruz, where corruption and drug-related violence is widely reported. This group of believers already has a 30-year agreement to use existing studios and office space at a local university, and TWR plans to help raise funds to buy a radio transmitter and antenna for the new station.     

This encouraging upwelling of activity reflects the vision behind the 2003 founding of Radio Encuentro. Escalante said his dream in founding the organization was to one day witness the good news of Jesus Christ being broadcast over radio towers stretching across his country. 

Radio Encuentro joins a global network of more than 60 national partners enabling TWR not only to proclaim the gospel by media in 190 countries and 300 languages but also to minister on the ground.    

Photo: Alejandro Vieyra, Radio Encuentro’s director, and Steve Shantz, TWR’s vice president for Latin America and the Caribbean, sign the partnership agreement in Mexico City.