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Krzysztof is currently in prison in Poland. He accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior when he was imprisoned through listening to one of our programs. His life, which was once filled with anger and lies, has dramatically changed. When he arrived at the prison, he asked the prison authorities to take him to another prison in which he could work outside and be released earlier. Despite his objections and complaints, it was clear God wanted him to stay.

God poured into his heart peace, love and joyfulness, while teaching him how to stay humble. Before he got to know Jesus, he was determined to act badly; however, now he is determined to do good. He even preaches the gospel to his fellow prisoners. Since Krzysztof trusted the Lord, he doesn't want to go anywhere else, as he has a better job to do for Jesus Christ. Preaching the gospel has become his way of life.

To help TWR and Krzysztof reach other inmates for Christ, click here.