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TWR’s extensive media outreach in Asia is directed by the Asia Media Services (AMS) team, whose vision is to serve TWR’s media partners and ministry teams in developing a relevant multimedia strategy for outreach in Asia by offering media consultancy and related expertise. The team members are pictured above (from top left, clockwise), and their primary duties are described.

Aaron Choy is responsible for program coordination and playlists management for the Asia Region. He also undertakes the coordination and administration of intellectual property right (IPR) activities for Asia as well as the generation of reports for billing.

Jack Lee is responsible for operational system management and for Asia’s ministry liaison with TWR teams primarily in the U.S. and Europe, regional ministry teams, TWR-Asia Marketing/Communication and TWR-Asia Finance.

Mel Moreno proactively provides and maintains services in media partner relations and in the development of long-term ministry strategy with media-ministry partners.

Serene Yang champions and facilitates women’s ministry development for Asia. In addition to being the coordinator for Project Hannah in Asia and the Asia prayer coordinator for women’s ministry, she also oversees program production and studio training.

Estella Ng is responsible for the oversight  of AMS  team services such as media partner relations and account management; audience relations and reporting; program development and schedule coordination; media training; operating-system administration; IPR administration; media consulting focused on multimedia strategy; and women’s and children’s ministries.Blossom Phillips, who is transitioning out of TWR Asia, has worked to facilitate TWR’s children’s ministry in Asia and to build networks with like-minded organizations and individuals.