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TWR was under the media microscope during the first week of April.

In the lobby of its international headquarters in Cary, North Carolina, TWR played host to three Christian broadcasters and an online newspaper for Road Trip to TWR 2013. That’s an annual event to which TWR invites its brethren in the Christian media to kick the tires and find out more about what the 59-year-old ministry is involved in around the world.

“Our idea with the Road Trip is to give listeners a glimpse at the greatness of our God,” said John Summerville, TWR director of radio partnerships and organizer of the event. “The God we serve is at work all over the world all at one time. We serve a great God. Often listeners see what God is doing in their own lives and in their own churches, but we want them to see beyond their backyards.”

First, the media visitors set up their audio and video equipment, and then they sat down with a variety of TWR leaders to learn more about their areas of responsibility. Some of the interviews were broadcast live, and others were recorded for later presentation, whether on radio or in electronic text or video format.     

The idea of the Road Trip, according to Summerville, was first suggested by Leighton LeBoeuf of Moody Radio Southeast. These days it is scheduled as a lead-in to the President’s Forum, another annual event but this one bringing together major donors to get to know TWR leadership from around the world and to experience their passion for the people they minister to.

Because TWR primarily focuses on reaching out to the rest of the world and historically has done much less direct ministry in the United States, the Road Trip also allows the organization to get out its story to a different population.   

“No. 1, many listeners and readers have never heard of TWR,” Summerville said. “So this gives them exposure to what God is doing through this ministry.  It’s not a fundraiser whatsoever, but it adds a sense of credibility because … if they were to listen to the entire six hours of broadcast … they would be catching 10 to 12 people in the interviews and hearing about different facets of the ministry and what God is doing in different parts of the world.”

Taking part in the Road Trip this year were John Adams of Moffit Media, Alex Murashko and Scott Liu of The Christian Post, Don Casteline of WGRC in Lewisburg, Pa., and Andy Napier of Moody Radio Southeast in Chattanooga, Tenn.