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In the past few weeks, she’s taken us to North Africa, West Africa, Cambodia, Thailand and Iran. Although those were virtual trips, carrying us around the world from the comfort of our computer screens, TWR blogger Judy Hughes soon will invest a little shoe leather in the role of tour guide.

Hughes has invited JudyBlog readers, ministry supporters and other friends to join her Sept. 16-24 for a “journey of discovery” on the TWR 2012 Europe Ministry Vision Trip, with visits to the Netherlands and Lithuania.

“We serve a great God who is changing lives 24/7 through the multimedia ministry of TWR,” Hughes said. “It’s a joy to personally see God’s handiwork and to know that we’re partnering together in God’s redemptive work around the world. “

Two years ago, Hughes led a similar tour, that time to Austria, Slovakia and Romania, where the travelers distributed solar-powered radios to the Roma villagers. This time there will be stops in the cities of Amsterdam, Amersfoort, Haarlem, Barneveld and Vilnius, and activities will include visits with TWR partners, listeners and program producers, not to mention tours of the late Corrie ten Boom’s house and plenty of sightseeing.

Ministry trips abroad seem like a natural extension of the twice-weekly posts on JudyBlog, which Hughes describes as offering readers a personal connection to the TWR ministry and the exciting ways in which God is at work.

“One of the blessings of the trips is the opportunity to share what God is doing through TWR with others who aren’t able to go,” she said. “After the 2010 trip, I posted stories and photos of TWR staff and radio listeners.”

The cost, deadlines and other details for the September trip can be obtained by writing Hughes for a brochure via her blog site, or by calling TWR at 1-800-456-7897, extension 3796.

(Photo by Massimo Catarinella)