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The Love Kampala Festival in Uganda with evangelist Andrew Palau concluded Sunday evening September 26, 2010 before a fervent crowd estimated at 55,000. Through a partnership between Oregon-based Luis Palau Association (LPA) and TWR, the festival was broadcast live to 30 African nations and was available worldwide via the Internet.

“The Palau Association was once again thrilled to partner with TWR during the Love Kampala Festival,” says David Jones, LPA vice president of Corporate Affairs. “The TWR-Africa team did an outstanding professional job broadcasting the festival across Africa and around the globe allowing the Good News and great music to be accessible anywhere in the world.”

The weekend festival in Uganda’s capital city drew a total of 82,000 people. According to LPA, the 44-year-old Palau addressed thousands more at every level of society in outreaches to public schools, universities, prisons and slum neighborhoods. Palau shared how Jesus Christ had rescued him from addiction to alcohol, drugs and promiscuity. “God loves Uganda, and he loves you,” he said. “God wants you to know that you can experience true freedom through His Son Jesus Christ.”

Uganda made global news this past summer when a Somali terrorist group set off two bombs in Kampala that killed 76 people. The weekend prior to the festival, Dutch military police boarded a KLM flight bound for Uganda and arrested a Somali man on suspicion of terrorism. Seven members of the Palau team were on that plane. The following day, police in Kampala issued new guidelines for all public gatherings in the capital, including the festival. All festival attendees were required to go through metal detectors.

Despite the security concerns, festival attendees seemed upbeat, encouraged and worshipful “Wherever there is light, darkness runs away,” said Ugandan military hero Major General Elly Tumwine, who praised the festival for its positive message of love and hope. “Wherever there is love, fear goes away. Wherever there is hope, hopelessness goes away.”

According to Dr. Tim Robnett, vice president of LPA Alliance Ministries, “The festival accomplished the goal of fostering a new level of trust and collaboration among churches which will lead to future locally run evangelistic campaigns and church growth. From the beginning our purpose was to create a sustainable network of church, business and government leaders willing to work together so as to meet the spiritual and physical needs of the region.”

Source: Information gathered from Luis Palau Association News Release dated September 27, 2010. 

Photo: Luis Palau Association