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Since 1977, God has blessed the Asia region with lasting fruit because of TWR's broadcasts from the island of Guam. Thirty-three years later, TWR-Guam is still utilizing the same four, 100-kilowatt shortwave transmitters. This equipment has far exceeded our expectations, but it has become apparent that we need to take immediate action to ensure that Asia continues to be adequately blanketed with the truth of the gospel.

Normally, new 100-kilowatt shortwave transmitters carry a price tag of over $1 million each. Amazingly, the Lord has opened up an opportunity for us to obtain and install two used, but recently updated, top-of-the-line, 250-kilowatt transmitters for just under $690,000! Believe it or not, this price includes shipment to Guam and all of the required building modifications necessary to install these transmitters!

In the interest of stewardship, TWR wants to raise the needed funds before we begin the process of putting these powerful transmitters into service. The installation process is a lengthy one. Our goal is to begin by November of 2010 and the project is estimated to take roughly a year to complete.

Will you join us in "loving Asia by radio" by giving generously to this critical project? Along with broadcasting with greater power and efficiency, these upgraded transmitters can broadcast in both analog and digital modes, positioning us to meet the needs of Asian listeners well into the future. Click here to donate now.