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You might be asking questions like, "What does God want me to do?" Or, "Where does God want me to serve?"  As you search for answers, why don't you take a look around you.  God in His sovereignty has placed you in a particular spot and has surrounded you with a particular group of people.  For now, that's your mission field, and those neighbors and co-workers are your assignment.  I'm reminded of Mel Code who serves on the board of directors with DayStar Native Outreach in Ontario.  DayStar ministers to the First Nations people of Canada.   DayStar is based on Manitoulin Island which is significant because the island is also home to Wikwemikong--Canada's largest unceded Indian reserve.  Being neighbors with those whom you are trying to reach with the Gospel seems too good to be true!  As they say in real estate, that's "location, location, location."  But, that's the way our all-knowing God works.  So again, what about you?  God has placed you in your ideal "location" for a purpose.  Maybe it's time to start viewing your neighborhood and your assigned mission field.

Click here for a link to DayStar Native Outreach

(Photo of Mel Code of DayStar Native Outreach)