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When I mention the word "missions," do you instantly think about a missionary serving on the other side of the world, or are you more likely to think about a local neighborhood outreach?  I hope you are thinking of both.  No, actually, I hope you are participating in both.  You see, I believe that when you get involved in any type of missions work, whether local or global, your heart will soften and your desire will grow to get more deeply involved in missions on all fronts of the field.  Test me.  Try volunteering with a local ministry, or, the next time the opportunity arises, go on a short-term missions trip to another country.  I bet you'll discover that I'm right.  I'm pretty sure that Tom Zahradnik would agree.

Click here to learn about service opportunities within TWR or for a link to the Sound of Life Radio Network

(Photo of Tom Michaels Zahradnik, CEO of The Sound of Life)