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Join TWR President Lauren Libby and Scott Hollinger as they host a live dedication of our two new 250,000-watt transmitters on the island of Guam Friday, November 18 at 8:30 a.m. Eastern time (1330 UTC). The event will be broadcast live over Moody Radio, Northwestern Radio, KCBI FM and right here on as a Windows Media stream by clicking this link: mms://

If you use an Apple computer, iPhone, iPad or Android device, follow the instructions below to access the stream:

Mac Computer

VLC Media player is a free Open Source application that plays many audio and video formats. You can download it from

Once you have installed the application, launch it and choose File, Open Network (Command N) from the drop down menu. Enter mms:// in the URL window, then click open. After a few seconds of buffering, the stream should begin.

iPhone or iPad

Buzz Player is a low-cost ($2.99) media player available on the Apple APP store. There’s a version for both the iPad and the iPhone. Once you have it installed, you can add a network URL to play. Again, the address to use is mms:// We found it best to tweak the settings a bit so that the stream will continue playing. After choosing the settings icon, select Playback and then set the Play Mode to “Repeat One Item”.

Android Device

Daroon Player is a free application available in the Android Market. Once you have it installed on your device, click on “the Streams icon.” Then from your menu, click “add” and enter mms:// in the URL window. Then back on the streams tab, select the stream to play it.

Be sure to tune-in for this historic event and celebrate God's provision along with us!