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David and Sarah Booth are missionaries in Montijo, Portugal.  David said, "When we got there four years ago, we didn't know anybody."  Boy, that takes courage and sacrifice.  When Kathy and I relocated to North Carolina back in October, at least we already knew some TWR co-workers.  In fact, we have one TWR family that lives almost across the street.  So, when I think of how tough it has been for our family to start over in a new state, I'm humbled by the fact that the Booths began their ministry in a different country, with a different language, and where they "didn't know anybody."  And yet, God has helped them make connections.  While it might be "little by little," the Booths are getting plugged-in to their community, and there is no doubt that God is already using them right where He planted them in Portugal.

Click here for a link to the Booth's missionary web page

(Photo of David Booth and Andy Napier)