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This letter comes from a listener in Denmark:

I got an Internet radio receiver for my birthday, so I searched for “religion in Denmark” under the different genres. Only one result came up and that was your partner ministry, Norea Radio. I had only been listening for a short while before I found out that this was going to be my favorite channel!

I work as a truck driver, and I became so fond of Norea Radio that I had a computer with Internet connection installed in my truck so I can listen while I’m driving. This has changed my life. The “wasted time” in the driver’s cab is now used in a good way: devotional songs, lessons about the Bible, and devotions. After a long workday, it is difficult to benefit from the meetings in the prayerhouse. I get more out of the time I spend listening during the day. Listening to Norea Radio has given me a renewal of my spiritual life. Thank you very much for the work you are doing!

For more on our partner ministry in Denmark, click here.