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LinguaDMS is TWR’s new tool to manage, archive, repurpose and distribute digital files, such as videos, audio files, images or text documents. This“digital media source” can serve content to websites, mobile applications, Internet radio and terrestrial broadcast outlets.

No software or equipment is needed to locally install LinguaDMS for use. The system is accessed using any popular Web browser over the Internet, and it resides in a world-class datacenter. This facility has backup generators and redundant systems to guarantee optimal availability and uptime. Physical access to the datacenter facility is tightly controlled through biometric security mechanisms. 

"When coupled with the 3.9 billion people TWR potentially reaches by broadcast, LinguaDMS can touch the globe efficiently and effectively,” says TWR President Lauren Libby. “It’s a Kingdom tool that can be used to deliver content anywhere on planet earth to specific audiences. We can virtually speak to the world about Jesus."

TWR has worked hard to deliver a stable and scalable digital asset management solution that can be used by ministry partners globally to give the world access to Biblical content for Kingdom value.

*Photo credit: Bethany Kay