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Amrita was delighted to share her experiences with the staff at TWR-India’s Counseling Center after listening to her favorite radio program, Leading the Way.

With a joyful expression, she said, “I love Leading the Way. It really meets my needs in a very timely manner. Whenever I am in need of advice for making a decision in times of trouble, it is amazing because the program always speaks directly to me.”

Amrita comes from a non-Christian family. Her mother was the person who introduced her to listen to TWR programs and was the first in the family to be saved.

At the beginning, she was not enthusiastic when her mother encouraged her to listen to Leading the Way. “She introduced me to the program and very reluctantly, I began to listen. However, I was soon hooked.”

While Amrita and her mother are believers, her father and relatives have not accepted the Lord into their lives. Currently, she faces pressure from them to marry a non-believer but she has taken a firm stand to marry a believer instead.

There are many Christian women like Amrita who are in similar circumstances. Please pray that they will come to know of God’s love through TWR and programs like Leading the Way.

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