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As the world closely monitors the deadly militia attack in Nairobi, Kenya, TWR leaders in the East African capital are asking Christians to hold up the unfolding situation in prayer.

Emmanuel Mbennah, TWR’s international director for Africa, sent out an email message Monday, Sept. 23, 2013, from Nairobi, where he had been visiting with national director Bernice Gatere in TWR Kenya’s offices. In his statement, Dr. Mbennah passed along the latest updates on the Somali militants’ attack, which began Saturday at an upscale mall: more than 60 people dead, 175 injured, hostages still being held and smoke rising from the building.

Dr. Mbennah went on to urge his TWR colleagues around the world to share these critical prayer needs:

  • Please pray for success of the delicate rescue process currently underway.
  • Pray for God’s comfort for those who have lost their loved ones.
  • Pray for peace in the hearts to the residents of Nairobi and Kenya generally.
  • And pray that the people of Kenya will realize God’s sovereignty and that God is the only source of hope.

“Bernice has told me that so far one acquaintance they know among those killed is the father of the classmate of Bernice’s son, Nderitu,” Dr. Mbennah reported. “The man’s daughter was among those injured. Thankfully, she is out of hospital.”

For decades TWR has been sharing the gospel in Kenya, and in recent years, an FM radio initiative has been launched on seven frequencies that make it possible to reach out to remote areas of the northern and eastern regions of the country. Among the potential listeners in these areas are hundreds of thousands of refugees, including Somalis, who have fled upheaval in their own countries.

TWR Kenya produces more than 23 programs for broadcast in nine languages. TWR broadcasts also reach Somalia, and Project Hannah, TWR’s women’s ministry, began within the past year broadcasting a Somali version of its flagship program, Women of Hope.