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Donated Equipment Is Needed as Lithuanian Broadcaster Expands

A TWR national partner striving to reach all of Lithuania with gospel broadcasts recently got positive, encouraging news from the U.S. radio network K-LOVE.

In late 2014 the Good News Center (GNC) was granted a frequency for its XFM radio network in the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, and then obtained permission for another frequency in spring 2015 for the city of Biržai. That means this busy national partner of TWR (Trans World Radio) has rapidly expanded to five stations across this Baltic nation of about 3 million and needs lots of technical equipment to operate all of them.

K-LOVE stepped up to help meet that need, donating a variety of studio equipment that the U.S.  Christian music network will not be using at stations it recently purchased in the Southeastern United States. Equipment most needed by XFM will go to Lithuania, and TWR will put the other items to use broadcasting gospel programming in Canada and on Guam and Bonaire.

K-LOVE’s generosity mirrors that of Christian FM of Vero Beach, Florida, and KSBJ of Houston, two other broadcasters that have provided equipment and know-how to XFM.

“I’m so thankful to God that he organizes everything,” GNC Director Remigijus Jucevičius said. “He is like a maestro of an orchestra. Of course, [equipping the expanding ministry] is a huge challenge, but on the other hand, it’s an amazing miracle. When God is connecting Christian FM, KSBJ, K-LOVE and TWR – it’s really amazing.”

David Pierce, chief creative officer for K-LOVE, said that when he learned about XFM from TWR and Jon Hull of KSBJ and then shared its need with K-LOVE President Mike Novak, Novak was happy to “step out” and provide the equipment. Agreeing to help was a “no-brainer,” Pierce said, based on the trust built up over years of relationships with TWR and other partners.

“Obviously, God was doing a work, and if we could play a small role in it, we are happy to,” he said. “Our mission at K-LOVE is to create compelling media that draws people to Christ and helps them in their relationship with him. Anytime we hear of broadcasters having the opportunity to expand their reach and reach more people with the good news of Jesus, we’re obviously excited about that.”

The assistance comes at an especially good time, Jucevičius said. Three microphones have gone dead, and audio processors are sorely needed to improve the sound quality received by listeners. Some of the equipment has already reached Europe, and the rest has been shipped from TWR’s office in Cary, North Carolina.

“For me, I think the hope is that the staff [of XFM] will be encouraged and be able to have some really good equipment to work with,” Pierce said. “Often you can spend so much of your time trying to make things work properly rather than having equipment that’s solid so you can work on what you’re programming and the ways you’re trying to reach people with the message of the gospel.”

TWR President Lauren Libby described the collaboration with K-LOVE as a “natural marriage.”

“We are very appreciative that they would look beyond the U.S. and help other international broadcasters who are basically trying to get started,” Libby said. “The people [in Lithuania] are trained; they’re excellent broadcasters. They just need the tools. So they fact that K-LOVE would do this we are deeply appreciative of and thank them for their partnership.”

PHOTO AT TOP: K-LOVE’s donated equipment will be used to help broadcast the gospel in Lithuania and other countries.