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A free multilingual tool from Thru the Bible is making J. Vernon McGee’s phenomenally successful Scripture study series available to international audiences on the move.

A mobile app of Dr. McGee’s in-depth Bible broadcasts for English speakers has been downloaded more than 100,000 times since its release a few years ago. Now speakers of Arabic, French, Spanish and nearly 30 other languages also are able to listen to the teachings, read the notes and outlines, and contact the TTB ministry via their smartphones. 

Almost as important as having the program content available on mobile devices in many languages is the app’s contextualization feature.  A smartphone user whose default language setting is Hindi, for example, will be able to navigate around the app completely in that Indian language.

TTB will continue to work closely with longtime ministry partner TWR to make available via the mobile app all the languages into which the late Dr. McGee’s lessons have been translated. That’s more than 100 languages today. 

“Our radio broadcasts remain vital to reach many in our world who do not have access to the technology required to utilize the app,” a TTB news release stated. “However, the trend is clearly for smartphone technology to become more common, even in developing nations. Our goal is to offer Thru the Bible to as many people in as many ways as possible, so that no matter where a person lives or what language they speak, they may encounter the living God through His unchanging Word.”

You can learn more about TTB’s ministry at its own website or listen to content at TWR’s new Web portal, TWR360. The free multilingual apps can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store or in Android format from Google Play