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If your heart is feeling a tug toward Christian service and you’re eager to explore whether God could use your nontraditional skills for overseas missions, TWR is calling “All aboard!”

Embark is the global media ministry’s brand-new short-term missions program. It offers adults young and … more mature … the opportunity to use their technical, creative or administrative gifts to help take the gospel to the ends of the earth.

TWR is reaching out to people who have skills in finance and accounting, communications and journalism, computer science, RF, electrical and mechanical engineering, audio and video production, international business and management, public relations and web communication. Embark participants will need to be willing to serve for two to 12 months with TWR teams in Asia, Africa, Europe or the Caribbean.

Alan Lawton, director of Embark, says, “The program is designed to give people a taste of missions without having to commit to a career, and it allows them to raise just enough funding to cover the expenses of getting them to the mission field as quickly as possible.”

To learn more or to start the application process, contact TWR or visit