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Every day there are at least 45-minutes of Swahili gospel radio programs aiming toward a potential audience of 50 million people living in East Africa.

You may think that 45 minutes per day, seven days a week isn’t that much. But over a year, if one listener tunes in daily, they will receive 273 hours of teaching. The average Christian receives only 78 hours of teaching per year if they listen to a 45 minute sermon once a week, so a significant amount of life-transforming material is being broadcast.

Is it worth it? Consider this response from a pastor in Kenya (one of many):
"I salute you all in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…  I am very glad to write to you… This program has reached many souls for Christ.  I pray that God will continue to keep it running. I personally have been enriched and lifted up by its Biblical teachings."

It is indeed worth it! At the end of last year, we sent out an appeal asking for you to partner with us in keeping the Swahili programmes on air. Your response has been overwhelming and we want to shout out a big, “Asante!” (translation: ‘thank you’ in Swahili) to everyone who partnered with us through prayer and finances. The Swahili speaking people of Africa thank you too!

To learn more from TWR-Africa’s website, click here.