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Here’s an informative Q & A with Nahemy Moreno de Fehr, the director of RTM Paraguay, TWR’s partner.

What are your primary job responsibilities?

As a director, I need to know how everything is going. We are now in a special time in TWR history, because most of the people in our office are new, and I need to teach them about RTM and what I expect from them. With the programs, I delegate to other people and I need to know the schedule for all of the speakers and programs. We now have Women of Hope in Guarini, and two others as well. We have a program in Spanish for young people and one program in German.

How did you become familiar with TWR and Project Hannah?

I didn’t know about TWR at all. I was working in a school as a receptionist. My employee contract was ending, and the RTM director at the time asked me to come in for an interview in the Spanish department. My interview went well, and I was studying computer science at the time, so my desire was to have a part-time job. They needed a full-time employee. I will never forget it; it was in December 1995 and it was Christmas Eve. The RTM director came up to me after the Christmas Eve service at our church, and said he wanted to speak me with me the day after Christmas. He told me it would be no problem for me to work part-time, so I started soon after with the Spanish department. At that time, RTM was divided into three departments: Spanish, Guarani and German.

It’s been 12 years. I was a receptionist, then an operator in the studio for the German program for 2.5 years. I’ve also been a program coordinator, an administrator, and for the past two years I’ve been the director, so I know all the different areas. I was asked twice to be director, but I turned it down. Then Spanish Ministry Director Lemuel Larrosa came to Paraguay asked me to be the director, and I finally said yes.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I love the contact with the people, especially making new contact. I also love presenting new projects. I like challenges.

What are the biggest challenges you face as a director?

Right now, it’s to be on TV. We have a project for a TV program for kids (8-12 years) that’s a Q & A program. It’s a program from ERF-Germany, but they give us the rights to use the same name and do it in Spanish in Paraguay. They gave us the scripts and all the designs. It’s not on the air yet in Spanish, but it is in German in the Chaco area.

Another challenge is to organize the office so it’s more efficient. The board and I feel like we could function better in each of our different areas. So people know how their job functions and how it fits in to the bigger picture of what we’re trying to accomplish as an organization.

How should people pray for people in your country?

Pray that the Paraguayan people that they will come to know of RTM and ultimately the gospel. Many are listeners, but they don’t have the courage to call us or write a letter because they are ashamed of their problems. I wish we could communicate with our listeners more. I don’t want them to think we’re trying to change their religion. A classmate of mine [from University] is a good girl. Sometimes she acted very strange and wouldn’t come over my house anymore. She said her mother didn’t want her to associate with us because we are Christians. I was sad. I wish that they didn’tt think we will change their religion. It’s a personal relationship with Christ. We need to a good example, and God will do the rest.