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Having grown up just ten miles from the Mexican border in Arizona, Noah Bell is no stranger to foreign countries and cultures. This summer, he’s putting that experience into practice as he lives a little farther south, serving as an intern on the small Caribbean island of Bonaire.

An incoming sophomore at Northern Arizona University, Noah is majoring in electrical engineering and working with the engineering team on Bonaire. He opened up about his life back home and experience this summer.

Q: How did you first hear about TWR?

I heard about TWR through the Traveling Team when they came and spoke at an Intervarsity (Christian Fellowship) meeting at NAU.

Q: What drew you to pursue an internship at TWR?

I have always been interested in missions and using my major in the mission field.

Q: What kinds of projects will you be working on this summer?

Here on Bonaire we are working on the maintenance of electronic equipment at the transmission site, air conditioning systems for the transmitter and other projects involving electronics.

Q: Have you experienced any challenges during this internship?

Probably the greatest challenge I have faced so far is just getting used to a new job in a new environment.

Q: What are your plans after graduation?

After graduating I hope to get a job working with renewable energy systems.

Q: Is there anything specific you’re looking forward to doing in your spare time this summer?

I plan on enjoying scuba diving and snorkeling around the island in my free time.

Q: Let’s lighten up… Which fictional character would you most like to meet and why?

Odysseus from the Odyssey. He is a very intriguing and talented character, one who possesses both intellectual and physical adroitness.

Internships abroad like Noah’s are available every semester for college students seeking both professional and ministry experience. Explore more about college internships here.