Thirteen students from 10 different states and 11 majors all wound up at TWR this summer. The unifying factor of these individuals? Their heart for spreading the gospel through media.

Each June and July, students from across the country have the opportunity to serve as interns at TWR either in the United States or an international location. TWR’s internship program, now in its eighth year, draws talented students from around the country who want to grow both professionally and in ministry.

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Caroline Keoni*

From Hawaii to Washington to North Carolina, Caroline Keoni* has lived all over the United States. But this summer, she’s ended up in a position where she’ll get to touch the world.

Caroline*, originally from Oahu, Hawaii, is a rising junior at Central Washington University majoring in film production with minors in screen writing and religious studies. She’s spending her summer living in Cary, North Carolina, serving as an intern with the TWR MOTION team. A brief chat with Caroline* shined light on her love of video, journaling and ministry.

Q: How did you first hear about TWR?

I first heard about TWR through the Christian mobilization group called the Traveling Team during one of their visits to my college campus ministry, Chi Alpha. They had a little info card in this huge manila folder of missions opportunities.

Q: What drew you to pursue an internship at TWR?

I was drawn mostly by the use of media as missions. Considering my major and interests that I believe God has given me, it seemed like the perfect fit. As I continued in the application process, everyone I came across was so welcoming and kind, and I kept going farther and farther. I know this is what God wants me to do.

Q: Have you always had a desire to work in ministry?

I didn't always have a desire to work in ministry, but God's funny like that. I thought I knew what I was going to do and what I wanted, but slowly and surely, he's shaped my heart to long to serve him in his kingdom. So many people in ministry were influential in getting me to where I'm at that it only seems right to do the same for others.

Q: What kinds of projects will you be working on this summer?

This summer, MOTION has me and another intern (Samantha Boyette) working on a couple things involving the Spanish Ministry department here in TWR. There are some promotional and informational videos we'll be shooting for them, including two listener stories that I'm really excited about. We'll also be doing Spanish subtitles for some videos, and toward the end of the summer, a musician will be coming in to record a few songs, which we'll be able to shoot! So a lot of the projects will be focused on camera work, editing and logging footage. I'm excited for it.

Q: Have you experienced any challenges during this internship?

I think that the biggest challenge so far has been balancing my finals and assignments while being here and trying to focus on just the internship. Thankfully, my finals are almost done, and once they are, I'll be free to really get into it, but for now it’s a bit stressful. Other than that, there hasn't been anything particularly challenging, though I suspect this summer will challenge me in my skills and how much I'll learn.

Q: What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation, I have no specific plan in mind. God tends to laugh at those. But I am open and willing to anything that the Lord calls me to. Right now, it feels like that means ministry- and missions-centered things. My campus ministry does this thing called "Give a year. Pray about a lifetime.” It's basically serving for one year in another state or even country to learn and experience what it's like on mission. The goal is to potentially see if it's something God wants you to do. This is probably as far after graduation as I’ve thought.

Q: Is there anything specific you’re looking forward to doing in your spare time this summer?

This summer I'm looking forward to exploring more of North Carolina and growing spiritually.

Q: Let’s lighten up: What’s the best birthday or Christmas gift you’ve been given and why?

This may be super cheesy, but the best Christmas gift I've ever received was a journaling Bible and regular writing journal. It meant so much to me because, although I don't come from a family of believers, for them to give that to me means they respect, support and encourage my relationship with God. I also really love to journal, so I got really excited about how pretty it is.

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* a pseudonym has been used to protect this intern's identity