Radio announcers are usually good jugglers.  By juggling, I mean multitasking.  In my days of hosting a live morning program, I had to operate the control board, use one computer to play music, spots, and features, use another computer for news and weather updates, communicate with our traffic reporter on a third computer behind my right shoulder, and carry on a conversation with a guest(s) who were seated directly to my left.  Honestly, I had more than one guest ask off-air "How can you keep track of everything?  It makes me nervous watching you!"  Well, I could handle it most of the time, but if someone were to add one more task to the equation or if there happened to be just a slight computer hiccup, then the morning show would start falling apart.  There is no doubt that my life works like that as well.  Sometimes, I just can't juggle everything.  That's why Dr. Randy Carlson and the folks at Family Life Radio in Tucson, AZ talk about "The Power of One Thing."  In today's "Footsteps," Rod Robison, Vice President of Development with Family Life Radio, explains the benefit of concentrating on just one thing.

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