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Furthering its commitment to increasing awareness, education and funding for efforts focusing on unreached and unengaged people groups (UUPGs), international media ministry TWR has become an approved Count for Zero organization.

Count for Zero is an offshoot of Issachar Initiative, which grew out of the multipartner Table 71 collaboration.  Table 71 is aimed at establishing a strong and viable church within each of the UUPGs – i.e., ethno-linguistic groups barely penetrated by the gospel – so that their number shrinks to zero.

Tom Watkins, director of Strategic Partnerships & Initiatives for TWR (also known as Trans World Radio), said, “TWR is determined to reach the least-reached people of the world. Being a Count for Zero organization helps TWR become more strategically directed toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission.”

Participating Count for Zero evangelical ministries and mission organizations evaluate their own initiatives against three established criteria:

  1. Does this project commit to extend the Church’s reach to UUPGs?
  2. Does it commit to focus on one or more of the five “currently very strategic” elements of the Great Commission?
  3. Does it reflect a statement of faith consistent with the Christian Church's historic creeds?

Discover more about Count for Zero by visiting

Photo by Karin Wäspi