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Church "buildings" vary greatly around the world.  For instance, I've worshiped with believers in Mexico under a simple pavilion.  I've met Samburu believers in Kenya for church under trees.  And, I've attended church with Christians in other areas in tiny concrete, stone, and wooden structures.  For Alan Travers, a long-time TWR veteran, he remembers preaching in a church in Spain in the 1950s.  The church was located at the end of a one-way alley.  It's windows were boarded up.  The people were packed inside with several standing in the doorway.  At one point, the people outside began prying off the boards covering the windows so that they could get a glimpse of the service inside.  Alan said those people were "hungry for the Gospel."  As a result, he grew "to really love those folks in Spain."  

Click here to learn about TWR's current work in Spain

(Photo of Alan Travers)