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This joyful letter comes from a woman in Croatia.

Our dear friends, benefactors, and brothers in Christ:

I received your cordial greetings with great joy and thankfulness. I pray that our dear God will bless you in your work for the saving of our souls.  In my youth, I wanted to be a nun, but I did not succeed because my parents were poor and could not afford to educate me.  Not long ago, you called me a sister in Christ. This encouraged me and brought me closer to our dear God, and I am happy.
Every word [in your programs] has a place in our heart because I believe that these sermons are a happy way to Heaven. I am also very proud of your letters because in them I find words from the Bible that are intended exactly for me. I don't just read them, but I also kiss them and plant them in my heart with a prayer that they take root and bring forth fruit for the glory of God. I give them to others to read and I don't think that's a mistake.  I am happy that you make me happy so that I can in turn make others happy!  Some day you will see the fruit of your efforts. I wish you all God's blessing.  Amen. Halelujah!