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Dear TWR,

When I started listening to TWR programs in 1974, I purchased a better radio set in order to hear the broadcast properly. I was very active in my church, singing in the choir and working closely with the priests during the church service. I would wait for the radio program as somebody underwater longs for air. During every broadcast, I listened carefully and one evening, when the pastor asked us to receive Jesus in our lives, I knelt down and burst into a passion of tears. I had some translations of the Bible in my house, and I read it but didn’t understand. I asked the older priest at my church to explain some of the verses and why we did some things differently than it was written in the Bible, but he couldn’t explain. So, I wrote to Pastor Jeremie in Paris to explain to me more about what to do. I attended church and read the Bible, but my life remained empty, without spiritual changes.
I listened every evening to the good news by radio and, finally, an answer came from Paris.  Pastor Hodoroaba told me to read the Bible carefully, to give praise to the Lord, and to pray alone in my private room. I did what he advised me to do and continued listening to your programs. The Lord began to work in my sinful life. I had an inner transformation and a strong desire not to participate in the rituals of my church. God gave me great joy and I was freed from all my fears and cleansed from my sins. I was so happy!
After a controversial discussion with the older priest, I stopped going to my church. My neighbors and the young priest were astonished; they couldn’t understand what happened to me. First, my priest and then the bishop visited me to try to change my mind and get me to renounce being a follower of Christ.
You can’t imagine what a major role radio had in my decision to become a Christian. Praise the Lord! I ask you all to listen to and support this radio ministry.

~ A listener in Romania