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Lamu Island, Kenya is a beautiful vacation destination, but also a ripe mission field. Often, tourists go to Lamu and are awed by the beauty of palm trees and golden beaches, but they can completely miss the reality of the locals and their real lives. TWR’s Sifa FM ("sifa" means praise in Swahili) broadcasts the good news on Lamu Island.

Here is one woman’s story:

She sat in the market place, surrounded by bright-yellow bananas hung from a wooden beam above her head. Shiny green peppers glistened in a wooden rack, and rich, red tomatoes were lined up neatly next to them.

She hunched herself over an old green bucket, trimming her vegetables for the display. Her hands moved quickly, with 10 years of practice guiding each slice of the blade. Amid the sounds of the busy marketplace, a preacher’s booming voice explained God’s Word in Swahili.

Where was this voice coming from? She shuffled around, revealing a little black radio, and smiled. Mama Shani told her story, as she sliced strips of green spinach.

“My name is Mama Shani. I’ve been selling fruits and vegetables at this market for the last 10 years. Life before Sifa FM came to Lamu was very boring, but ever since the station came to Lamu, life is very interesting. I listen to the radio even while I am working.

"The programs encourage me so much. Sometimes I have a heavy heart, or feel discouraged about my business, but after listening to the station I feel lifted, like life is worth living. ... I would like to encourage people who give toward Sifa FM to continue giving.”

Please pray for Mama Shani. To learn more from TWR Africa’s website, click here.