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Religious freedom is spoken of and promised by some constitutions, but the situation is quite different in reality. Being a Christian in Central Asia is very difficult, and many Christians are experiencing oppression and persecution from local governments and religious leaders.

Many Central Asian women find themselves locked in abusive family situations and have no way of escape. A Central Asian woman generally does not complain about abuse, fearing that she would be considered a bad wife. She has nowhere to go for help, no one to offer her support. That’s why TWR’s Project Hannah Women of Hope programs are so vital for this region.

Responding to the great need of the Central Asian women, TWR began airing the Women of Hope series in the main five languages of this region: Kazakh and Kyrgyz (February 2004), Tajik and Turkmen (March 2004) and Uzbek (October 2005). In January 2007, the Women of Hope programs began airing in the Central Asian Russian Scriptures (CARS) version. Only God can give hope to the women of Central Asia and help them experience a new freedom in Jesus, and that is exactly what is happening.

A listener from Turkmenistan wrote that she prayed along with the program speaker and asked Jesus to come into her life. Praise the Lord. A woman from Kazakhstan writes, “Thank you for your programs with such an appropriate name – Women of Hope. In the Gospels it is written that when the ladies came to the burial place of Jesus Christ and they heard from the angel that He had risen again, they took this hope to all the disciples. Thank you. May God bless you in your ministry. Please send me a few of your programs on a CD. I would like to make your programs known to the people around me.”

God is not only at work in the lives of those who listen to the program, but He is also working in the lives of those who prepare the programs. Our PH Central Asian Coordinator recently said, “The women who record the Women of Hope programs, especially those producing the languages of Kazakh and Uzbek, testify that every recording affects their personal hearts and lives. The ‘Lessons of Life’ portion of the program has a positive effect on them and helps them develop a healthy way of life. This information enlightens and stimulates them… All of the women participating in the PH programs receive much encouragement and comfort during difficult periods of life through the ‘Lessons of the Soul.’ We are built up through these programs.”

*Adapted from TWR-Europe’s infoSERV.