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This compelling letter recently came to us from a listener in India.

Dear TWR.

I come from a non-Christian family and I had never heard about Jesus Christ. One day I was tuning my radio to the BBC news and came across the TWR station and heard the Marg Dharshak program. I listened to the whole program, and then became a regular listener. One evening while listening, tears started rolling down my cheek and my heart felt very heavy. I could not understand what was happening. Then I met a pastor and shared my experience. I told him that I heard about Christ through the radio program. He shared more about Jesus Christ and took me to his church. At church, many people prayed for me. I started going to church regularly and have accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Thank you for your program, which helps me grow in the Lord.

~ A Listener in India

To learn more about TWR-India, click here.