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"Our God is a missionary God."  That was the title and theme of a sermon delivered many times by the late British theologian John Stott.  I had the opporunity of hearing John Stott preach that message several years ago at 1st Presbyterian Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  He declared "The God of the Old Testament is a missionary God...The Christ of the gospels is a missionary Christ...The Spirit of the Acts is a missionary mission lies at the very heart of our generous God."  Steve Ham, of Answers in Genesis, echoes the words of John Stott when he says "when you read the Word of God, and you see God's heart for mission," we naturally, and out of a heart of gratitude, should want to share his glory around the world.

Click here to learn about Steve Ham's work with Answers In Genesis

(Photo of Andy Napier with Steve Ham)