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After giving thanks this week for all the blessings of the year, keep the momentum going into a new week by joining the growing global movement known as Giving Tuesday.

As you slap leftover turkey between slices of bread, picture the six-day stretch as a holiday sandwich: ThanksGIVING Thursday and Giving Tuesday wrapped around two “getting” days – Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Tuesday, Dec. 1, marks the fourth year of this global day dedicated to generosity and giving back. Many like to think of it as a corrective to the heavy commercialization of the holiday season.

Once again this year, TWR will be among other nonprofits participating in #GivingTuesday, as the event is widely known because of its strong social media component. And TWR Donor Services Director Bob Hall invites you to visit the Web page set up by the ministry for this special day.  

“Giving Tuesday is an opportunity for us to remind folks of the effectiveness of TWR’s global media outreach and to highlight our annual year-end Challenge Grant, which, in effect, doubles each gift up to the grant total,” Hall said. “Our hope is that people will catch the vision and spirit behind Giving Tuesday, helping the ministry finish the year strong so that, together, we can have an even greater impact in 2016.”

In 2014, Giving Tuesday generated more than $45 million in donations for participating organizations, about 240 percent more than the amount raised its first year. But there’s still much to be done to get the word out about event. A survey revealed that only about 18 percent of respondents were familiar with Giving Tuesday, compared with the 93 percent aware of Black Friday.

Henry Timms, founder of Giving Tuesday, said, “We have been incredibly inspired by the generosity in time, efforts and ideas that have brought our concept for a worldwide movement into reality. As we embark on our fourth year of Giving Tuesday, we are encouraged by the early response from partners eager to continue making an impact in this global conversation.”  

Visit for more details about how to get involved.