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Recently, TWR’s Africa Regional Office conducted a survey with listeners to their short-wave broadcasts from Swaziland, Africa. The purpose of the survey was to determine the size of the audience and whether or not the listeners felt that these broadcasts met a need in their lives and should continue. Quite frankly, the response was overwhelming! TWR Africa received many impassioned responses urging TWR to continue the short wave broadcasts from Swaziland.

Here are but a few samples which dramatically illustrate how short wave radio is a vital part of worldwide radio ministry today:

  • “Listen almost every day on both a.m. and p.m. TWR has built up faith for 24 years.”
  • “Please do not take [programs] off air! Been my daily bread for 30yrs. IFL, TUP, TTB are like pearls of great price! Please keep going.”
  • “She would be devastated if TWR taken off SW (short wave). The very people TWR aim at are those who don't have access to DStv etc. Been listening for 40 years”
  • “You are my only church. Please don't go away!”
  • “I would lose a piece of my life if TWR SW ends”
  • “I love to listen; it makes a difference in my life and gives me so many answers. It is precious to my soul.  Thank you!”
  • “Ardent listener listens to TWR and I am a saved agricultural worker”
  • “I listen on DStv but would like to stress that many, many people depend on the SW broadcasts in Africa. Please do not stop the SW broadcasts”
  • “Please keep the SW on the air. What would our lives be without it?”
  • “My spiritual food for many years.”
  • “Listening for 35 years to McGee. Enjoy Michael Youssef and Ravi Zacharias. Please keep SW for many more years”
  • “Listen to SW on battery radio in mornings. Rural, no electricity, TWR is my spiritual lifeline and of immense value, teaching, encouragement.”
  • “Listen from 8-10. They are my daily bread! Listen in car on way to work…”
  • “I have been listening for over 30 years and will keep listening as long as I can. I am partially sighted.”
  • “I listen every evening, my favorite time to listen to TWR.  I gain so much from these English broadcasts.”
  • “Your station brings God into our home during the dark and dangerous times we have often been through here in Mozambique.”
  • “Please don't take my SW away. My husband and I listened to TWR every day and now he has gone…”
  • “Many people here tune in to your SW broadcasts. Please do not stop the broadcasts”
  • “We live in a deep rural area and can only rec SW”
  • “Been a listener for between 40 and 50 years. We have an ancient portable radio adapted to be powered by an old 12 volt battery…”