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Picture a young, vibrant, and growing church thriving in the face of pressure from an atheistic government. Sound familiar? This accurately describes the Body of Christ in Cuba today, and TWR is thrilled to be able to serve our Cuban brothers and sisters and help them reach their nation for Christ. For 48 years TWR’s Spanish-language broadcasts from the island of Bonaire have brought the message of salvation to Cuba, and today many Cubans attest to finding Christ through the TWR programs as well as being nurtured in their faith. Listen to these excerpts from some of the many responses from our Cuban listeners that attest to the impact that the proclamation of the Good News by radio is having in Cuba today:

“Dear brothers,

I give thanks to God because I know that the Heavenly Father is blessing you today in a special way. Your messages reach us every night in a way that only can happen through the Holy Spirit, who is the Guide for each one of you. Your lessons are like a warm balm that calms the pain at the end of a day filled with struggles and battles. You are the answer to my day’s questions. My mother-in-law smiles when she sees my Bible and books in the kitchen each night. She does not understand that this is my precious time when the Lord allows me to travel with you on this fascinating journey where we are all traveling in the communion of the Holy Savior. If He were to return at any moment, I am sure that all those of us who are traveling together in the whole world, upon seeing each other, would feel joy for the blessing of having chosen to spend our time in the best way. Thank you for being there. You are a gift of God for so many in the world who are being evangelized in a special way. Even those who have never been to school are trusting Christ. This is a very special gift, and I pray that all could receive it. It’s available to everyone.

Your sister in Christ who loves you and prays for you,
María de los Angeles.”

“Greetings, beloved brothers!

May God fill you with His rich blessings. It is a great pleasure once again to write to you to tell you that your work in the Lord is not in vain, because the Bible studies that you offer help us grow in our spiritual lives. I wait for each one of the studies with great joy.  I listen to you between 8:30 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.  My home receives such blessing. I plead to God that your program continues feeding souls like mine and that the brothers who financially support the transmissions on the air continue doing it and that others also will be able to get involved in the support. The notes & outlines complement this great blessing. I give thanks to God for each one of you. Blessings to all of you. Keep working with the same love and devotion.”

“I am writing to you from Caibarién, Villa Clara, Cuba.

I want to tell you that the Lord is wonderful for having given you capability and the ability to work for the Lord.  I accepted the Lord listening to this station one year before I went into military service in 2006. It was wonderful to learn to know God through this experience. May God bless you and continue providing for you so that this ministry can continue as it has. I want to encourage the youth of my country and of the whole world to know that only in Christ can we find peace and eternal life and to encourage them to listen to this station so that they can grow spiritually. Cordial greetings and may God always bless you.”

(For further information, you can view this fascinating video with footage from a recent TWR staff visit to Cuba.)