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The Lord’s faithfulness can be witnessed in TWR-India through its use of multiple media strategies and in the field initiatives. TWR-India has continued their unceasing efforts to assist churches and increase ministry opportunities to more churches. Responses from church leaders have been encouraging.

TWR-India has been receiving life-changing testimonies of how listeners first develop a passion for Christ and later on, make decisions to become church leaders or assist churches through the biblical knowledge they gain from the programs.

One listener, Abhijit, accepted Christ and was inspired to do God’s work after listening to the program, Preme Dhara (Thru the Bible) in his native language. Abhijit started introducing the radio programs to neighboring villages and preaching the gospel. Later, he planted a church of 50 members and has plans to start two other churches. “I can say that TWR’s programs made me a believer and nurtured me to become a preacher,” Abhijit said.

To learn more from TWR-Asia’s website, click here.