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“It is from a small, dark cell that I am writing you this letter,” writes Nasih, a prisoner from Eritrea. After committing his crime, Nasih describes himself as feeling “hopeless, helpless and frustrated.” He writes of a heavy guilt that weighed him down and left him feeling suicidal. He believed that there was no forgiveness from God for him.

Little did Nasih know, the man in the very next cell knew the Savior who had more than enough grace to cover Nasih’s sin; the Savior who died for Nasih’s sin, and paid the penalty. They got to chatting one day, and slowly but surely his new friend him to Jesus Christ and told him about TWR’s radio ministry.

Over time, Nasih came to embrace Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. Today he is a changed man. He says:

"I am now a free person – free of sin, free of a guilty conscience, free from hatred and skepticism. Though my body is confined in this small, dark room, my soul and spirit are not restricted. My spirit is free to communicate with Jesus! The Holy Spirit is with me all the time, dwelling inside of me, and giving me light in the darkness."

Pray that Nasih would share the grace he’s found with others around him.

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