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TWR President Lauren Libby says we need to be "entrepreneurial" in missions.  What exactly does that mean?  Does it mean taking risks in giving and going?  Thinking about risk-taking, if God equips us for service and then calls us to go, or provides for us and then calls us to give, are we really taking a risk?  That scenario sounds more like a question of faith.  So, again, what does Lauren mean with "entrepreneurial?"  One of the words used to define "entrepreneurial" is "enterprising."  Now, we're on the right track.  The Merriam-Webster dictionary describes "enterprising" as "having or showing the ability or desire to do new and difficult things."  Concerning missions, are we trying new things?  Are we attempting to do what's difficult?  We have the resources, technology, and ability, but do we have the desire?  I'm with Lauren; it's time we chose a more "entrepreneurial" path in missions.

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(Photo of Lauren Libby, President of TWR)