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Enjoy these precious responses we recently received from children.

Anya, a girl from Russia:

"My name is Anya and I soon will be six years old. Somehow I cannot become obedient. I always think, “Today I will be obedient,” but then it does not happen. What should I do? Thank you for your answer."

Julia, a girl from Ukraine:
"I have been following the Lord for three years already, but I lived for 12 years with alcoholic parents. I have experienced everything: basements, cold, stealing with my parents. It is very hard to “unlearn” all of this. Old habits are like ulcers that sometimes open up, and then I offend Jesus and my grandmother. I am simply carried away and cannot stop. Then I am sorry and repent. But, in school, I am obedient and learn well. I talk a lot and laugh without reason. I would love to get rid of these habits and be a light-giving candle. Please pray for me."
Masha, a 12-year old girl from Belarus:
"Peace unto you, producers of The Little Seed. I am so happy to correspond with you. Thank you for the cassette. It is very interesting. Everything is fine with me.  Pray for my daddy, who hurt his leg very badly. Everything is okay in school. In gymnastics class, I could not do the bridge and was worried the day before we had to do this. I prayed and it worked! I got nine points! Praise God!"

To learn more about TWR's children's programming in Russian, click here.