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I first met Ken Dugan on the golf course.  Ken serves as the senior pastor of Dallas Bay Baptist Church of Hixson, TN.  He's also a fine golfer.  He beat me the first time we played, and I'm sure that if we hit the links today, he'd beat me again.  I admit, Ken is a better golfer that I am, but I'm also a bit out of practice.  Plus, I need a tune-up lesson with a pro.  One or two lessons right now would improve my game exponentially!  You know, that's a word that Ken uses when he talks about his church's approach to missions--"Exponential Mission Work."  The concept is to minister to those who do ministry.  That's why Dallas Bay Baptist partners with the Christian Hospitality Network in hosting missionary retreats around the world.

Click here for a link to the Christian Hospitality Network

(Photo of Ken Dugan, Senior Pastor of Dallas Bay Baptist Church, Hixson, TN)