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What effect can a radio ministry have in changing a society whose traditions are based on completely nonbiblical values and ideas? The answer to this question can be clearly heard in these responses from the Kok Borok-speaking people of southeastern India. We rejoice that light is displacing darkness in Tripura state and that the church of our Lord is being established there. Indeed, as Isaiah 55:10-11 teaches, God’s word does not return to him without accomplishing his eternal purpose!

"I am from a remote village of West Tripura. I listen to the Khakchangma Panda program regularly, and through listening to the same, I came to know more about the word of God. It is helping me to grow more spiritually and also to be a witness for the Lord among others." - Kishore                                       

"I always wanted to be a rich man. I came to Christianity to get the Lord’s blessings and to become rich in everything. Even though I became a Christian, I did know anything about Jesus Christ. At this juncture I was encouraged by my friend to listen to the Khakchangma Panda radio program, for which he gave me a program guide to get the details on the same. By listening to this program for many months, I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ personally and got in-depth knowledge of Him. Though we have no child in the family yet, but we are happy because we got Jesus in our lives." - Sankar

"I am one of the listeners of the Khakchangma Panda program. From 2000 to 2004, I listened to this program, but after that time, I was not able to listen to it because I came to study in a Bible college in Assam. I want to listen to this program, but it’s not allowed in our college. I love the presentation of your broadcast very much.  It was through it I came to know the importance of salvation, which encouraged me to know and study the Word of God in depth, and I decided to study in the Bible college. I am thankful to you for this program." - Krishna

"I am one of the frequent listeners of the Khakchangma Panda program. Through its messages I came to know that I am a sinner and need to confess and repent of my sins to Lord Jesus Christ. Your messages are also helping me to rectify myself in my daily living. This program has inspired me to serve the Lord full time, and God made it possible. Whenever I listen to this program, I encourage all my family members to listen to the message of God along with me. They do so, and we are together blessed by this program" - John

"I come from a non-Christian background, but I have come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and I am the only believer in my family. Your study on the book of Revelation has helped me to know my Savior more intimately, and I have started to love Him more than before. My parents hate Christians. Kindly pray for them, that they may also come to know Christ soon." - Moses

Will you pray that the Word of God will continue to powerfully impact and bear fruit among these dear people? God bless you as you do!