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On the day his new radio feature Footsteps debuted on American airwaves, host Andy Napier was more than a thousand miles away from the country.

That’s OK, Andy would tell you, because he was on the Caribbean island of Bonaire gathering more information for his daily, two-minute feature telling how Christ’s Great Commission is being fulfilled around the world. The program premiered March 31, 2014, and Andy was taking part that week in TWR’s annual Americas Partners Conference.

Still, he didn’t completely miss out on the first-day thrill. While taking a tour of the Bonaire broadcast facility, he heard the familiar strains of music and voices of Footsteps.

“During the last three years, I had dreamed, planned, prayed, raised support, relocated our family, interviewed guests, edited and produced the first 45 episodes, and finally, here it was – on the air on Bonaire’s FM station,” Andy said. “It was a very significant and emotional moment for me. It was as if I was in the delivery room when the program was finally born.”

Along with the Bonaire FM broadcast that Andy experienced, three outlets had been lined up to launch the feature March 31: WLJN of Traverse City, Mich.; Internet station Heaven and Earth Radio; and WMBW of Chattanooga, Tenn., the Moody Radio station at which Andy worked for 24 years before joining TWR in 2013. Later in the week, NewLife FM (WMVV) of Griffin, Ga., introduced the program on its air schedule.

During the same week, Footsteps was one of two new ministries added to, where it can be heard anytime.

TWR Director of Radio Station Partnerships John Summerville, who developed the idea for the new feature, said efforts are underway to sign other U.S. outlets to carry Footsteps. He is especially eager to get the program on some of the country’s major Christian stations so the message will reach even larger audiences.

“We’re shooting for some key stations where more listeners can engage with missions in fresh new ways,” John said.

See the latest Footsteps blog posts at, or listen on TWR360

(Photo at top: RTM Uruguay Director Esteban Larrosa, left, was interviewed by Andy Napier on Bonaire for an upcoming episode of Footsteps.)