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Pray for Nepal, which was struck by a 7.8-magnitude earthquake Saturday. At least 876 people are confirmed dead following the massive earthquake that hit near Kathmandu, according to the Associated Press. A 6.6 magnitude aftershock hit about an hour after with smaller aftershocks continuing for hours. The death toll is expected to rise.

Several more were killed in surrounding countries, including India, Tibet, and Bangladesh.

The TWR team in Nepal is safe. And the FM stations on which TWR broadcast appear to be intact. In the weeks ahead, the Nepal team will consider airing special disaster recovery programs into the area, according to the TWR director of the South Asia region.

Please pray for rescue and relief efforts as well as for those who have lost loved ones and their livelihoods. And pray for TWR as it continues to share the hope of Christ with the people in Nepal, especially in the devastating aftermath of this earthquake.

To learn about TWR's response to this crisis and how you can help, click here.