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A message from a Lithuanian listener:

Dear TWR,

I came across your radio programs through my grandma. I found them online and decided to download them for her since she is elderly and can hardly see. She is very godly, but seldom makes it to church anymore, so I thought they would be good for her soul. First, I decided to listen for myself and it was then that I heard the Good News.

I have been brought up in a Christian home and even attended Catholic school, but I never understood the Word of God very much. In our church, the sermon was delivered very monotonously with high-sounding phrases that only reveal the education of our priests, not the Word of God itself. For several years, I did not feel like a Christian. I had not been walking with God. I didn‘t trust [religious people] because I saw too many loathsome examples. I felt that something was lacking in my life until Christ found me. Recently, I also discovered your website and Thru the Bible.

Thank you for your wonderful work. I have now realized who God is. I think it opened the way to Christ for many.

May God bless you!