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"Do you know Jesus Christ?" It is surely the most important question anyone can ever be asked. It is a question TWR's Middle Eastern partner is asking listeners through Do You Know Him?, an Arabic radio program that gives men and women a reliable and attractive presentation of the facts about our Lord Jesus, making Him accessible to those who are otherwise misinformed (if at all) about Jesus.

The Middle East is a rich tapestry of cultural and ethnic diversity where over 90 percent of the population practices a dominant world religion other than Christianity. Today, more than in any other time in history, Middle Eastern people have started to question their beliefs and are seeking to learn more about Christianity. One listener writes, "I am a teenager, and I always fall into sin. People around me don't encourage me. They tell me that I am a sinner, and it is impossible to return to the Lord or to change. I need to return to the Lord, stop committing sin, and learn how to pray. Can you help me in saving my soul?"

If you would like to help give toward TWR’s Do You Know Him? program, click here.