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According to Operation World, of the approximately 16 million people who live in the African nation of Niger, only 16,000 are Protestant Christians.  That's only 0.1 %!  While that number is very small, there is good news.  Jon Banke, a missionary serving with SIM in Niger says "the church is growing," but he also reminds us that life for a Christian in Niger can be "very difficult."  Along with persecution, many of these believers are poor, illiterate, and isolated.  Who can help?  Missionaries.  Pray for God to raise up and send more missionaries into the harvest field of Niger.

[Jason Mandryk, Operation World, Seventh Edition (Colorado Springs, CO: Biblica, 2010), 637-640.]

Click here to learn more about SIM's work in Niger or about TWR's outreach to West Africa

(Photo of SIM's Jon Banke being interviewed by Andy Napier)