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By Brandon Hall

Proverbs 22:6 says that if you train a child in the way they should go, when they are old they will not depart from it. This verse rings true for Piper Finley, who has watched her mother lead for over four years with RiverCross, a ministry that seeks to bring restoration to exploited children. Today, Piper has joined the RiverCross team as an intern, sharing in her mother’s dream of bringing hope to the hurting.

Piper is a sophomore studying Communications with a concentration in Public Relations at NC State University. She’s currently serving under her mother, Cindy Finley, as a social media strategist, creating campaigns and content to maximize RiverCross’ online reach.


Q: How did you hear about TWR?

I found out about TWR because my mom is the Global Ministry director of RiverCross, one of TWR’s integrated ministries. When I heard about RiverCross’ incredible work — bringing hope and healing to children who are victims of trauma — I knew had to get involved.


Q: Why did you choose to pursue an internship at TWR specifically?

The Lord has given me a passion to bring hope to the hurting and vulnerable children in our world, and RiverCross does exactly that with such intentionality. Needs are being met and restoration is coming from brokenness. I also have continually been so encouraged with the thoughtfulness and consideration that is taken in honoring and understanding the best way to serve other cultures.


Q: What do you feel your calling is, and how does this summer fit into that?

Throughout my life, but especially over the past few years, the Lord has continually laid the horrific reality of human trafficking on my heart. I have asked the Lord to break my heart for what breaks his. He did just that, and I have a desire to see slavery ended in my lifetime. This summer, I will be learning more about the care of vulnerable children and the impacts of trauma through my work with RiverCross. These topics are a crucial part of providing restoration for survivors of human trafficking. I will have the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of effective processes in approaching trauma and in presenting the hope we find in Christ in light of any trauma experienced. I will also be able to develop a deeper understanding of how a nonprofit organization works and what Communications work looks like in such an organization.


Q: What kinds of projects will you be working on over the summer?

I will be primarily working on developing and implementing a social media plan for RiverCross. I will also be in Zambia from July to August, communicating with, providing resources for and equipping caregivers to best support the vulnerable children in their midst.


Q: What challenges have you faced so far in your internship, and how have you overcome them?

There are so many systems and tasks I’m not very familiar with, such as creating graphics and making content calendars, so I’ve had to dive into the unknown and ask questions about how to do things. I am also not a coffee drinker, but I’m having to change that because coffee is becoming a part of my daily routine.


Q: What are you looking forward to learning or doing during your time here?

I am excited to build relationships with fellow believers who have the same passion as me: bringing hope to the hurting and light to the darkness by using the gifts the Lord has given them. I also am ecstatic that I have the opportunity to go to Zambia and experience the global church. It is such a beautiful thing to see different cultures serve and worship the same Lord I follow.


Q: What are your plans after you graduate?

I plan to work with an anti-trafficking nonprofit that is providing restoration for survivors of trafficking.


Q: What’s a fun or unusual fact about yourself?

I have ridden a camel. And I can prove it!












Brandon Hall is a 21-year-old writer from central North Carolina living in and only by the grace of God. Born with a passion for communication and the arts, his outlets include creative writing, musical theater and competitive speech and debate. He is currently a junior at Regent University pursuing a major in Communication Studies.