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By Brandon Hall

Technology is a sleeplessly evolving industry. Staying relevant as a modern media organization requires not only cutting-edge technology, but also the fresh, sharp, creative minds of the next generation to innovate on it. Jenn Ladines brings just that to the table.

Jenn is a rising junior studying Computer Science at Liberty University. Throughout the summer, she’ll primarily be assisting the TWR MOTION team with web design and automation projects. She looks forward to using her technical skills to help the team bring hope-filled media to a hurting world.


Q: How did you hear about TWR?

TWR came to a career fair at my school.


Q: Why did you choose to pursue an internship at TWR specifically?

When TWR came to my school’s career fair, I did some research on the organization beforehand and loved the heart and mission behind it. As I progressed through the internship application process, I felt more and more peace about interning with TWR. I prayed that the Lord would open the door where he wanted me, and he blessed me with the opportunity to serve with TWR.


Q: What do you feel your calling is, and how does this summer fit into that?

I feel I am called to serve the Lord in everything I do, as we all are, but I feel especially called to use my gifts in math, science and technology to honor and glorify him. This summer allows me to use the gifts God has given me to reach people for his kingdom.


Q: What kinds of projects will you be working on over the summer?

Over the summer, I will be working on some web design and automation projects for the MOTION department of TWR. These projects will help MOTION serve alongside more partners and reach more people groups with video ministry content.


Q: What challenges have you faced so far in your internship, and how have you overcome them?

I’ve been working with Microsoft Flow for my main projects, which I’ve never used before. It has been somewhat challenging, but very rewarding, to work on my projects while learning a new program. Google has helped me a lot with this.


Q: What are you looking forward to learning or doing during your time here?

I look forward to growing my professional skills and learning more technical skills that I can bring into my future career. I am also excited about the spiritual growth that I will go through during my time here.


Q: What are your plans after you graduate?

After graduation, I plan to pursue a career in computer science. I am not exactly sure which route I want to take with my degree, since I have only completed two years of my program. My current plan is to either pursue a Cyber Security or Software Engineering path.


Q: What’s a fun or unusual fact about yourself?

I have 13 siblings.


Brandon Hall is a 21-year-old writer from central North Carolina living in and only by the grace of God. Born with a passion for communication and the arts, his outlets include creative writing, musical theater and competitive speech and debate. He is currently a junior at Regent University pursuing a major in Communication Studies.