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When Tom Michaels Zahradnik, CEO of the Sound of Life Radio network, mentioned to me in an interview that he battles depression, it caught my attention.  You see, my wife Kathy struggles with depression, and like Tom, she openly talks about it.  In fact, Kathy recently wrote about her depression in one of our recent prayer letters.  If you battle depression, it might encourage you to learn that you're not alone.  Just click here to go to the Napier TWR web page, and then select the "October 2014" Prayer Letter.  Kathy's post is on the second page under "Napier Family Happenings."  May God use both Tom's interview on Footsteps and Kathy's article to help you today. 

Click here to learn more about Tom Michaels Zahradnik or the Sound of Life Radio network

(Photo of Tom Michaels Zahradnik, CEO of the Sound of Life)